Hollow Earth - World to Come

This entire record is unreal. Proud of my friends. Pick it up when it comes out.

"Held captive by cages and chains, the presence of death looming over me. Crimson pools reflect gruesome scars and open wounds inflicted with no regard for life and the darkness in the hearts of men who proudly brandish blades still warm with blood from execution. Tortured and isolated, trapped within this hell, a prison of atrophy. I’m left to die weak and diseased. I stare into merciless eyes wondering who will deliver the final fatal blow that spills my blood and ends this nightmare. Filled with terror, paralyzed by fear, wrought with panic in knowing there’s no escape for me. A captive bolt to seal my fate. Lead to my slaughter, by narrow concrete walls. Shackled and hoisted, bled out and eviscerated to the death and I succumb. I hope you’re boiled alive and no one hears your cries. I hope your throat is slit so you can’t scream in agony. I hope your family is torn away from you and you’re left to live the rest of your days waiting for your life to end. I hope you fucking suffer."


Left For Dead - Skin Graft

"Lessons learned. Paid in blood. You’re not human. Why don’t I cut off your head and we’ll call it ‘negative reinforcment’? If that’s how you treat an animal, you deserve even worse."


Got a bunch of these Coleman girl designs laying around waiting for you to make a good life choice.


Got a bunch of these Coleman girl designs laying around waiting for you to make a good life choice.

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Erica Freas - Demon

"Must have been a demon just working inside. I heard her speaking, she saw through my eyes. And I just found out. And now I’m dying. It’s not like you never did wrong, yeah, you fucking hurt me, it’s just I’ve been singing that song for what feels like a century. I was stuck in that storm, my heart had been torn out by the shame and the danger, and I wanna be done. Because this life lasts a lifetime before we hit the ground. We’ll fuck each other over and let each other down. And I know I didn’t do right, but at least I tried, and after all of these years of wonder, why would I be surprised? So I waited forever for your version of this song. Or maybe a letter, but it never did come. Sometimes getting lost in the tide is just part of life, it’ll kill us or make us grow stronger. I plan to survive."

A different kind of ‘Rat Pack’



CNN just ran a gallery about my ongoing project on the urban evolution of rats in NYC.  Check it out, have a look!  More to come in the future.  Thanks!

Reblogging for the shameless self promo.

Check out Johnny’s work on CNN.

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Carry On - Waiting on Forever

"Inside you’re dying. You can’t face the shortcomings of your life; looking for something to redirect the pain. I’m not sorry that you can’t relate but it’s killing me to watch you act this way and it’s hard to see the way it used to be when I’m wiping the spit off my face."

Dead Kennedys - Forward to Death

"Gag with every breath. This world brings me down. I’m looking forward to death."

S - “White House”

"It’s always you. Take me home."

Guided By Voices - I Am A Scientist

"The hole I dig is bottomless but nothing else can set me free. And I know what’s right but I’m losing sight of the clues for which I search and choose to abuse to just unlock my mind."

Basement - March

"Train rides out west to my second home. You sat there waiting for me. Books for the ride, just to pass the time. These birds of peace are leaving. No more waiting for me.

Stay up late and watch tv. We never watched it really. We made plans I thought we’d keep. The date’s still in my diary. No more waiting for me.

No more waiting for you.”


If you think your taste buds are so incredibly important that their pleasure outweighs the entire life and suffering of an innocent being I don’t even know how you can get offended when people question your morals.


Our Burgundy Mist Fender Thin-Skin Jaguar, for sale soon at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar!


Our Burgundy Mist Fender Thin-Skin Jaguar, for sale soon at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar!

Tim Barry - Tacoma

"Is it wrong of me to complete this disconnect or is it strong of me to stumble and admit I’ve missed some steps? My conscience has grown quiet and my burdens have grown less. In silence I feel most content. I’d take you on, yeah, I’d take you any day but to conflict with you now would waste time and energy. See I’m done with certain feelings and substance lacking fakes. I guess life’s just easier that way.

So watch the clouds roll in. Watch the clouds roll in. Don’t give me that shit about friends. I’ve been there for you all along. I’ll never be there for you again.”